Important Notice Regarding the UKa$ii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty eCommerce Platform

As you may be aware, the UKasii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty eCommerce Platform was planned for launch in Nigeria, in April this year. However, due to an unexpected, overlong delay with the approval of the Nigeria Business Permit, we’re having to postpone the date of the UKasii ICO, and as such, the Rewards and eCommerce product launch date.

We still intend for Nigeria to be our launch market.

The UKasii Nigeria entity (UKasii Loyalty Nigeria) was incorporated in August 2018, in line with our declared timeline in the UKasii White paper. However the approval of the Business Permit, which is the final document requiring sign off before companies can legally start doing business in Nigeria - and requires the signature of the Minister for the Interior - took much longer for approval than anticipated due to the General Election in Nigeria in February this year.

We have now received our Business Permit, signed on 12th March 2019, and will share the new dates for the UKasii ICO in the coming weeks and our website will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support.