Initial Coin Offering

Important Notice Regarding the UKa$ii ICO

As you may be aware, UKasii was planned for launch in Nigeria, in April this year. However, due to an unexpected, overlong delay with the approval of the Nigeria Business Permit, we’re having to postpone the date of the UKasii ICO, and as such, the product launch date.

We still intend for Nigeria to be our launch market.

The UKasii Nigeria entity (UKasii Loyalty Nigeria) was incorporated in August 2018, in line with our declared timeline in the UKasii White paper. However the approval of the Business Permit, which is the final document requiring sign off before companies can legally start doing business in Nigeria - and requires the signature of the Minister for the Interior - is taking much longer for approval than anticipated.

There is a General Election in Nigeria in February, and evidently because of this, there have been delays with many governmental approvals.

We can only apologise for this unexpected situation and will share the new dates for the UKasii ICO in the coming weeks and our website will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support.

Total number of UKa$ii Coin that will ever be distributed

500 Million

25 million UKasii (5%) will be held by the UKasii founder shareholders. Founder shareholders will not be able to divest their UKasii Coins for two years from the date of issue.

20 million UKasii (4%) will be distributed to launch contributors. Launch contributors (e.g. Advisors / Non- Executive Directors, branding agencies) will not be able to divest their UKasii coin for one year from the date of issue. Any UKasii Coin not distributed will be added to the reserve.

180 million UKasii (36%) will be held in reserve to be distributed as part of UKasii services to customers who decide to exchange Kasii at preferred rate, (estimated at less than 3% annually). Once the reserve is depleted, UKasii Coin will only be available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges at the market rate, in exchange for their accepted currencies.

275 million UKasii (55%) will be offered at (capped) ICO where our target is to raise $5,000,000.


ICO Target $5 million

ICO Min. Target $1.7 million

ICO Hard Cap $7 million

Token Symbol UKS

Token Platform Stellar

Accepted Currencies

Min. Transaction Amount $25 USD

Max. Transaction Amount $10,000 USD

Emission Rate
Finite / Controlled - less than 3% annually.

How ICO Funding Will Be Used (%)

In the event the ICO minimum target of $1.7 million is not reached, depending on the shortfall margin, and the then position with UKasii Partners, investments will be refunded, or the project may forge ahead.

In the event that the ICO Target of $5 million is reached, the Top 500 investors will receive a Bonus based on the table below:

  • 25% for investments at Pre-ICO
  • 20% for investments in Round 1
  • 10% for investments in Round 2

A LIVE Investment Leaderboard will be displayed on the UKasii ICO website, showing the Public Keys of the cryptocurrency investors in the Top 500. Their Investment amounts will not be shown.

In the event that the ICO Hard Cap of $7 million is reached, the ICO will end. Any remaining UKasii Coin will be added to the reserve.

For any questions regarding the ICO, please write to us here

or join us on Telegram