What is UKa$ii?

UKa$ii (You-kashee) is a completely mobile, blockchain based Rewards Program for consumers and Loyalty eCommerce Platform for retailers, planned for launch in Nigeria in December 2019 before expanding to other African states.

UKa$ii is inherently simple allowing customers to earn “cash” for cash spent in the form of rewards currency called Ka$ii Tokens.

UKa$ii allows for fast payments via mobile phone.

UKa$ii allows customers to earn Kasii Tokens at one business and spend it at another.

UKa$ii allows businesses to target customers to provide genuinely relevant personal offers and benefits.

Partner Benefits

Increased Customer reach

The UKasii eCommerce Platform will provide access to a larger potential customer base via its network effect, culminating from the generous earning incentives for customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

From paying for products and services quickly and seamlessly with their mobile phones, to providing timely and relevant communications and personal offers, UKasii will allow you to shape your customer’s experience with your brand.

Larger Partner Network

UKasii Partners will become part of a larger local, regional and potentially global partner network, without the need for working on bilateral agreements.

Data Analytics

The UKasii eCommerce Platform will allow partners to extract reports from large and varied data sets to uncover market trends and pinpoint customer preferences to make better marketing decisions in creating campaigns.

Real Time Campaigns

Partners will be able to send promotional push messages via the UKasii eCommerce Platform for “upsell” campaigns while the customer is in store, without the need for NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

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Customer Benefits

Increase Disposable Income

You will earn “cash-back” rewards for spending cash, thus UKasii will facilitate wealth through credit growth.


Data will be given back to you, and you only, where it will remain private, unless otherwise decided by you. You will decide if you wish to reveal more about yourself to brands, in return for additional benefits.

Location Based Currency

No matter where you are in the world, you will see your UKasii and Kasii rewards currency in local currency on the UKasii app. For example, if you have earned N36,000 Kasii in Lagos, this will appear as the equivalent in ZAR if you travel to Cape Town, and USD if you travel to the United States.

Share Ka$ii

You will be able to send Kasii to friends and family anywhere in the world where UKasii is accepted.

UKa$ii Nearby

The UKasii app will indicate where Kasii is accepted and can be earned as a cash-back currency. You will be able to make all of your purchase transactions via mobile phone, no matter where you may be in the world, using the Kasii Token as currency where UKasii is accepted.

By accepting and utilising UKasii, consumers and corporations alike will be investing in their local communities through social projects, to support and enable the less affluent and those at a disadvantage to progress in life.

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*UKasii will strictly comply with all local and regional Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and cooperate with regulators as and when required.

Socially Responsible

Blockchain Loyalty Rewards and eCommerce Platform That Gives Cash-back

The World Revolves Around You

It’s been said that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it can cause a typhoon halfway around the world. That is the power of something as small, beautiful and delicate as a butterfly. Seemingly small actions can have much greater effects. Similarly, the UKasii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty eCommerce Platform will provide value far greater than “cash back” and partner benefits, regardless of the level of expenditure. No matter how small the spend by a UKasii customer, the benefits will be felt by many, far and wide.

Blockchain Loyalty Rewards and eCommerce Platform That Gives Cash-back

"Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant"


A key pillar of UKasii global culture, vision and mission is to give back to communities which it serves and help those that are most in need. As such 5% of gross revenues annually will be invested in social initiatives, with UKasii teams actively collaborating with local businesses and NGO’s.

By using the UKasii cash-back Loyalty Rewards Program built on blockchain, consumers and merchants will be contributing and having a direct impact on the development of their region.

UKasii users and merchants will be able to nominate causes as well as track the progress of UKasii CSR projects, news updates of which will be provided via push notification to the UKasii mobile app, partner portal and on this website.


Initial Exchange Offering

Important Notice Regarding the UKa$ii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty e-Commerce Platform

We recently took the strategic decision to build the UKa$ii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty eCommerce Platform and launch UKa$ii BEFORE going to IEO.

The development and testing of the UKa$ii loyalty and rewards application has been in progress since June 2019, and development of the loyalty eCommerce backend will follow.

Our target for completion and launch of the full UKa$ii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty eCommerce platform is Q4 this year as per our declared timeline.

We still intend for Nigeria to be our launch market.

If we are successful with the launch of UKa$ii, we intend to have our Coin Sale in the 1st half of 2020.

Thank you for your continued support and don’t forget to follow us on our social channels.

Total number of UKa$ii Coin that will ever be distributed


25 million UKasii (5%) will be held by the UKasii founder shareholders. Founder shareholders will not be able to divest their UKasii Coins for two years from the date of issue.

20 million UKasii (4%) will be distributed to launch contributors. Launch contributors (e.g. Advisors / Non- Executive Directors, branding agencies) will not be able to divest their UKasii coin for one year from the date of issue. Any UKasii Coin not distributed will be added to the reserve.

180 million UKasii (36%) will be held in reserve to be distributed as part of UKasii services to customers who decide to exchange Kasii at preferred rate, (estimated at less than 3% annually). Once the reserve is depleted, UKasii Coin will only be available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges at the market rate, in exchange for their accepted currencies.

275 million UKasii (55%) will be offered at (capped) IEO where our target is to raise $5,000,000.

ICO Target $5 million

ICO Min. Target $1.7 million

ICO Hard Cap $7 million

Token Symbol UKS

Token Platform Stellar

Accepted Currencies

Min. Transaction Amount $25 USD

Max. Transaction Amount $10,000 USD

Emission Rate Finite / Controlled - less than 3% annually.

How IEO Funding Will Be Used (%)

In the event the IEO minimum target of $1.7 million is not reached, depending on the shortfall margin, and the then position with UKasii Partners, investments will be refunded, or the project may forge ahead.

In the event that the IEO Target of $5 million is reached, the Top 500 investors will receive a Bonus based on the table below:

  • 25% for investments at Pre-IEO
  • 20% for investments in Round 1
  • 10% for investments in Round 2

A LIVE Investment Leaderboard will be displayed on the UKasii IEO website, showing the Public Keys of the cryptocurrency investors in the Top 500. Their Investment amounts will not be shown.

In the event that the IEO Hard Cap of $7 million is reached, the IEO will end. Any remaining UKasii Coin will be added to the reserve.

For any questions regarding the IEO, please write to us here

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June 2018 - Continuous Partner Contracting.

June 2018 – Continuous Development and Testing of the UKasii Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty eCommerce platform:

  • Mobile App (iOS and Android separately dedicated)
  • UKasii Partner platform (for reporting, analytics, marketing and campaigns)
  • UKasii blockchain rewards and Loyalty eCommerce rules engine
  • UKasii consumer database

September 2018 Registration of UKasii Nigeria

November 2018 – November 2019 UKasii marketing activities / Roadshows / Conference Attendance

Q4 2019 UKasii GO LIVE with first partner.

Q3 2020 Launch UKasii South Africa

Blockchain rewards and eCommerce loyalty platform, offering cashback.