The ICO is Not Dead: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

A soon as the website went LIVE for the UKasii Blockchain Rewards and eCommerce Platform, the number of requests to collaborate from “Bounty Hunters” alleging to have investor portfolios in the thousands was overwhelming.

4 Key Questions to Answer When Valuing Your Start-up

If the customers saw the value in our mobile cash-back rewards program, built on blockchain they’d purchase UKasii Coin which they’d be able to use immediately.

What Guns n' Roses and Entrepreneurs Have in Common

What Guns n' Roses and Entrepreneurs Have in Common

“You don’t need them mate. You’ve done everything. They had a frequent flyer program in mind and you turned it into a blockchain loyalty, rewards and eCommerce platform….”

Can a Blockchain Rewards Program be a Butterfly?

The blockchain fit with consumer rewards and loyalty programs is obvious and natural, with virtual currency, miles, points etc. being the current medium of exchange. But what have butterflies got to do with any of this?